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Borrowed Time is going to Germany! What an honor to have been included as part of the the Snowdance Independent Film Festival official selection. It’s incredible to be able to include Germany’s leading festival for independent, free-thinking filmmakers in our short film’s festival run.

The screening was on January 31st in the Dramatic Shortz block at the beautiful Lichtburg in Essen.

At the very last minute Borrowed Time's director Ginevra Gentili had to cancel her plans to attend the festival due to a medical emergency. It was very sentimental missing the chance to see our film screen at this prestigious event in person and participate in a Q+A with the audiences. But the hard work of our amazing cast and crew paid off with filming reaching more audiences and achieving a German premiere. And for that, we couldn't be more grateful.

"Thank you for your amazing and touching film. It received so much applause tonight at the screening."

The beautiful Lichtburg in Essen is the dream cinema for any filmmaker to watch their story in the big screen. Curated by an extremely passionate and genuine team, even without a film in competition, you won't be missing us at Snowdance's next edition. The festival is a rare gem and a must attend.

The Snowdance immensely kind team was able to send us an update on Borrowed Time’s reception in our absence—"Thank you for your amazing and touching film. It received so much applause tonight at the Dramatic Short screening"

We’re very proud of how far our film has come, and moved of how many audiences it has touched around the world.

With the festival run not over yet, we hope to see Borrowed Time end on a high note while we're working hard and getting ready for online release and distribution.

Be sure to follow our social media for regular updates about upcoming tickets and screenings!

If you haven't already, take a peek at the Borrowed Time teaser below!

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