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Cast and Crew

the Cast

Borrowed Time Stills_1.3.1.png


Olivia Donati Clarke

Heléna Antonio

Suzanna Hamilton

Dean Kilbey

Roli Okorodudu

Victoria Geppetti

Christopher Hardcastle


Borrowed Time Stills_1.75.1.png

The Crew

Written and Directed by 
Ginevra Gentili

Produced by 
Ginevra Gentili
Felicia Holst
Anastasia Maltseva

Director of Photography
Jackie Teboul

Editor (offline)
Emil Joseph

Original Music by
Kirsten Price

Sound Design
Michalianna Theofanopoulou

Production Design
Sally Somerville-Woodiwis

Make-Up Design and SFX
Viviane Melo and Teryne Philip

Borrowed Time Stills_1.80.2.png
Borrowed Time Stills_1.80.3.png

Production Department

Line Producer
First Assistant Director
Second Assistant Director
Associate Producer
Associate Producer

Ziyi Cao
Felicia Holst
Mila de la Torre
Andrea Marchionni
Mark James McKie

Camera Department

First Assistant Camera
Second Assistant Camera

Carolina Costa
Laura Flack
Sean Kelly
Ruben Cardol
Kester Jones

Sound Department

Sound Recordist and Mixer
Boom Operator
Boom Operator

Stefania Fantini
Thanos Sarafis 
Alex Vasco

Borrowed Time Stills_1.84.1.png

Stunt Department

Stunt Coordinator
Stunt Technicians
Vehicle Technician
Vehicle Technician
Stunt Double
Stunt Double

Elaine Ford
Bickers Action
Darren Litten
Toby Sinclair
George Harris
Mark James McKie

Art Department and Costume

Costume and Props
Assistant Designer

Sally Somerville-Woodiwis
Gemma Taylor
Anastasia Maltseva

Music Department

Original Music Composer​
Music Supervisor


Kirsten Price
Roy Jackson
Christian Reindl & Lloren feat. Lucie Paradis
A&G Songs ltd
A&G Records

Borrowed Time a film by Ginevra Gentili
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